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11 AM - 5 PM EDT October 18-21 & 25-28. 70+ sessions in eight tracks: clinical operations & project management, quality & risk management; site management; contracts; budgets & billing; regulatory compliance; management & professional skills;  and special topics. 90+ CME, CNE, CLE, CCB and other contact hours (depending on type). Money-back satisfaction guarantee. To the extent practical given the pandemic, the conference will include an in-person, face-to-face component at the Millennium Biltmore in Los Angeles, California.
MAGI Best Practice Standards
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MAGI grants its sponsor, site and CRO members the free right to adapt and use the following standards within their entity and with their sponsor, site and CRO business partners, provided the copyright notice is included without modification. Other firms, especially technology providers, should contact MAGI Support for usage terms and conditions. Suggest improvements and help by sending your forms to MAGI Support.
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Action Log  (01/19/2016)
Active Studies Report  (04/01/2019)
Adverse Event Log  (01/19/2016)
Advertising Log  (01/19/2016)
Appointment Card  (03/02/2013)
Archived Study Records  (01/19/2016)
Archived Study Records Label  (01/19/2016)
Attention - Possible Study Subject  (01/19/2016)
Attention - Study Subject  (01/19/2016)
Biospecimen Log  (01/18/2016)
Budget Template  (12/09/2013)
CAPA Plan  (01/18/2016)
Chart Review Log  (01/19/2016)
Chart Review Summary  (01/19/2016)
Check request  (01/19/2016)
Clinical Research Service (CRS) Codes  (12/09/2012)
Coding system with over 150 contract research organization (CRO) activities
Clinical Research Terminology (CRT) Codes  (01/27/2013)
Coding system with over 200 investigative site research activities that do not have CPT codes
Collections Report  (01/19/2016)
Communication Log  (01/19/2016)
Conference Report  (12/09/2012)
Consent Documentation  (01/19/2016)
Consent Form & HIPAA Contents Checklist  (03/18/2019)
Consent Form Version Log  (01/19/2016)
Consent Log  (01/19/2016)
Consent Process Checklist  (01/19/2016)
Decision Log  (01/19/2016)
Delegation of Authority Log  (08/24/2012)
Document Tracking Log  (01/19/2016)
Drug Accountability Log  (09/08/2013)
EDC/CRF Log  (01/19/2016)
Employee Handbook  (09/10/2013)
Requires customization based on local laws, regulations and practices, as well as the nature of the organization
Enrollment Log  (01/19/2016)
Equipment Inventory  (01/19/2016)
Equipment Maintenance  (01/19/2016)
FDA: 483 Response  (08/26/2014)
FDA: Electronic Signatures  (12/09/2012)
Financial Disclosure Form  (01/18/2016)
HIPAA Authorization Form  (12/09/2014)
A short form written at the seventh-grade reading level
Investigator Biography Form  (01/18/2016)
IRB Site Questionnaire  (03/02/2013)
IRB: Document Review Meeting  (12/09/2012)
IRB: Document Review Not Meeting  (12/09/2012)
IRB: PI Approval  (12/09/2012)
IRB: Protocol Amendment  (12/09/2012)
IRB: Protocol Review  (12/09/2012)
IRB: Study Closeout  (12/09/2012)
IRB: Withdrawal  (12/09/2012)
Keys  (01/19/2016)
Lab Binder Table of Contents  (01/19/2016)
Lab Results Log  (01/19/2016)
Legal Glossary  (12/09/2012)
Lesion Tracking  (01/19/2016)
Lessons Learned Report  (12/09/2012)
MAGI's Clinical Trial Agreement Handbook  (11/05/2015)
MAGI's Clinical Trial Agreement Template  (03/27/2019)
MAGI's Clinical Trial Agreement Template (Annotated)  (04/01/2019)
MAGI's Clinical Trial Agreement Template - IIT  (05/24/2020)
CTA for investigator/institution-initiated trials
MAGI's Clinical Trial Agreement Template v 1.1 CRO version  (08/31/2016)
MAGI’s Clinical Trial Agreement Handbook (Original)  (08/15/2016)
The final version of the original, long version of the Handbook
Medical Records Release Form  (01/19/2016)
Misc: Subject Travel  (12/09/2012)
Model Confidential Disclosure Agreement  (11/24/2014)
For use by a sponsor when disclosing confidential information to a site prior to a study
Monitor Sign-In Log  (01/19/2016)
Monitor Visit Log  (01/19/2016)
Note to File  (12/09/2012)
Note to File - Document Locations  (01/19/2016)
Office Task Schedule  (01/19/2016)
Pharmacist: Subject Enrollment  (12/09/2012)
PHI Disclosure Log  (01/19/2016)
Physician Agreement  (01/19/2016)
Physician: Billing Request  (12/09/2012)
Physician: Compensation  (12/09/2012)
Physician: Interest Inquiry  (12/09/2012)
Physician: Medical Records  (12/09/2012)
Physician: Medical Records from Hospital  (12/09/2012)
Physician: Patient Summary Report  (12/09/2012)
Physician: Referral Inquiry  (12/09/2012)
Physician: Referral Missing Items  (12/09/2012)
Physician: Referral Thank You  (12/09/2012)
Physician: Subject Enrollment  (12/09/2012)
Prescreening Log  (12/09/2012)
See Screening & Enrollment Log
Prior & Concomitant Medications  (03/18/2019)
Progress Note  (01/19/2016)
Progress Notes  (01/19/2016)
Project Report  (01/19/2016)
Protocol Amendment Log  (01/19/2016)
Protocol Deviation & Violation (PDV) Codes  (06/17/2016)
Coding system with over 120 circumstances that may qualify as a protocol violation or deviation
Protocol Deviation Log  (01/18/2016)
Protocol Deviation Report  (12/09/2012)
Protocol Evaluation Questions  (12/09/2012)
Questions for evaluating protocol feasibility
Purchase Request  (01/19/2016)
Regulatory Binder Cover Sheet  (01/18/2016)
Regulatory File Table of Contents  (01/19/2016)
Remote Monitoring Log  (01/19/2016)
Research Site Code of Ethics  (08/28/2020)
Model code of ethics for a research site
SAE Report  (01/19/2016)
Screening & Enrollment Log  (03/18/2019)
See Prescreening Log.
Screening Consent Form  (01/19/2016)
Service Order  (01/19/2016)
Service Order Log  (01/19/2016)
Signature Request  (01/19/2016)
Site Contacts  (01/19/2016)
Site Enrollment Report  (01/19/2016)
Site Evaluation Questions  (12/09/2012)
Questions for evaluating sites for a study
Site Initiation Visit Checklist  (01/19/2016)
Site Monitor Feedback Form  (03/02/2013)
Site Technology Inventory Form  (07/29/2019)
Sponsor Contacts  (01/18/2016)
Sponsor Report Card  (01/18/2016)
Sponsor: Charges Prior to CTA  (12/09/2012)
Sponsor: Final IRB Report  (12/09/2012)
Sponsor: Introduction  (12/26/2015)
Sponsor: Regulatory Documents  (12/09/2012)
Sponsor: Regulatory Documents Updated  (12/09/2012)
Sponsor: Replacement Monitor  (12/09/2012)
Sponsor: SAE Report  (12/09/2012)
Sponsor: SMV Confirmation  (12/09/2012)
Sponsor: SMV Report Response  (12/09/2012)
Sponsor: Treatment Authorization  (12/09/2012)
Sponsor: Unblinding  (12/09/2012)
Study Close-Out Checklist  (01/19/2016)
Study Coordinator Orientation & Training Checklist  (03/18/2019)
Study Materials Inventory Report  (01/19/2016)
Study Participant Feedback Form  (01/18/2016)
Study Startup Sheet  (01/18/2016)
Study User Names & Passwords  (03/12/2016)
Study-Related Medical Care Report  (01/19/2016)
Subject Compensation Log  (01/19/2016)
Subject Compensation Receipt  (01/19/2016)
Subject Contact Information Form  (01/18/2016)
Subject Eligibility  (01/18/2016)
Subject Payment Request  (01/19/2016)
Subject: Consent  (12/09/2012)
Subject: Consent Visit Reminder  (12/09/2012)
Subject: Ineligible  (12/09/2012)
Subject: Lab Report  (12/09/2012)
Subject: Lost Contact  (12/26/2015)
Subject: Missed Visit  (12/09/2012)
Subject: Study Results  (12/09/2012)
Subject: Thank You  (12/09/2012)
Subject: Treatment Notification  (12/09/2012)
Subject: Visit Reminder  (12/09/2012)
Subject: Visit Reminder Initial  (12/26/2015)
Subject: Visit Reminder Screening  (12/09/2012)
Supply Inventory Report  (01/19/2016)
Telephone Call Report  (01/19/2016)
Telephone Log  (01/19/2016)
Temperature Log  (01/18/2016)
Training Event Attendance  (01/18/2016)
Training Event Confirmation  (09/08/2013)
Training Log  (01/18/2016)
Transportation Reimbursement Voucher  (01/19/2016)
Unanticipated Problem Report  (01/18/2016)
Unscheduled Visit Report  (01/19/2016)
Visit Scheduler  (12/09/2012)
Document includes two versions, one for use on a computer and one to print out.
Welcome Packet Cover Page  (01/18/2016)