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11 AM - 5 PM EDT October 18-21 & 25-28. 70+ sessions in eight tracks: clinical operations & project management, quality & risk management; site management; contracts; budgets & billing; regulatory compliance; management & professional skills;  and special topics. 90+ CME, CNE, CLE, CCB and other contact hours (depending on type). Money-back satisfaction guarantee. To the extent practical given the pandemic, the conference will include an in-person, face-to-face component at the Millennium Biltmore in Los Angeles, California.
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Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. MAGI is the only clinical research conference that offers a money-back guarantee  (terms and conditions).
Find out for yourself why 99%+ of participants are satisfied with MAGI conferences.
Attending the right clinical research conference can pay for itself in a matter of days. But, which conference should you attend? In particular, should you attend a MAGI conference? If you have ever attended a MAGI conference, you know they are different from other conferences. Almost all attendees (99%+) are satisfied with their experience. We think it’s because of the following 10 reasons:

1. We listen to our attendees and strive to keep improving the conference.
Attendees rate MAGI conferences better than other conferences: more practical (89%), more balanced (85%), friendlier (90%), better attendee mix (83%), better value (86%), more educational (78%), better website (77%), better customer service (82%), better organized (81%), and more interactive (81%). These are astonishing scores, and they continue to improve.

2. We believe a strong educational program is the foundation of a successful conference.
About one-third of conference participants are speakers, about double the typical ratio. What better way is there to advance the practice of clinical research than to get a lot of articulate experts in the room? We work very hard to deliver a coherent program with up-to-date, practical information. Typically, 100% of speakers earn a rating of “good” to “excellent.” We collect detailed feedback on speakers and share it with them, so they can improve (or not return). Speaking roles are not political or “pay to play”; if you think exhibitors can buy their way onto the faculty, ask one.

3. We focus on the practical.
Theory is great, but the bottom line is to get the trials done on schedule, with good data and regulatory compliance. Lots of short activities, lots of speakers, and lots of time for audience interaction deliver lots of practical information.

4. We emphasize relatively advanced material.
Our primary audience consists of relatively experienced professionals. Over two-thirds of attendees have eight or more years of experience. About half have leadership roles like CEO, vice president, or director.

5. We go to extremes to facilitate productive networking.
Online networking, “networking stars,” “networking bingo,” and numerous other conference elements ensure a very friendly atmosphere and make it easy to contact people. About 50% of conference participants are from research sites, 20% from sponsors, 10% from CROs, and 20% from other types of organizations. Study sponsors are split about 70% biopharma and 30% medical device. Sites are almost evenly split between (a) academic medical centers, (b) health systems and community hospitals, and (c) independent sites and networks. The balanced composition of conference participants and their relatively senior but still hands-on roles make networking worthwhile.

6. Our exhibitors and other partners are industry leaders.
We don’t treat exhibitors like second-class citizens for the simple reason that they have as much to contribute as anyone else to the conference. We encourage exhibitors to attend activities and participate like anyone else. The exhibit hall is primarily a venue for education. Exhibitors with strong products and services and valuable information to share do better at MAGI conferences.

7. We include all activities and workshops in a reasonably priced “all access pass.”
MAGI conferences offer over 120 hours of activities and workshops. Since we want every attendee to learn as much as possible and every speaker to have as large an audience as possible, it would make no sense to limit attendance by charging for workshops. Our new full-day Sunday programs have been very well received; they, too, are included in basic registration.

8. We employ technology to facilitate human interactions.
There is no substitute for face-to-face interactions, and technology can support those interactions. The conference networking module helps participants find and communicate with other participants, while respecting everyone’s privacy. Personalized conference books with a table of contents and page numbers for slides support speaker/attendee interactions. Even personalized name tags play their role. About 90% of the technology is behind the scenes, ensuring that the conference runs smoothly. However, we use old-fashioned paper feedback forms so participants aren’t spending their time at the conference standing at computers.

9. We maintain the highest ethical standards.
For example, we report our attendance numbers accurately; this may seem obvious, but it is not obvious to every organization in the conference business. We protect attendee privacy in the networking module and by substantially limiting information distributed to, e.g., exhibitors. Our Director of Partner Relations is salaried, with no commissions; her priority is to build long-term partnerships with industry leaders. Most importantly, ethics demands an uncompromising commitment to delivering value to conference participants.

10.We design MAGI conferences to advance the practice of clinical research.
Education and networking are “good,” but to what purpose? We want to help capable, motivated people share best practices that they can implement, while building relationships to support an ongoing process and advancing to more influential roles in their organizations. About 25% of activity and workshop time is set aside for audience interaction, so everyone can share their issues and solutions

MAGI’s mission is to streamline clinical research by standardizing best practices for clinical research operations, business and regulatory compliance. Our conferences help accomplish this objective. What do you want from a conference? Please send your suggestions to MAGI Support.